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A pioneer in the Canadian Cannabis Industry, Cyrille recognized the benefits of the cannabis plant as a safer, healthier, holistic medicine over 15 years ago. Coupling a unique insight into the commercial landscape with his scientific background and entrepreneurial spirit, Cyrille has brought together a team of brilliant and uniquely talented individuals that harmonize to accelerate the go-to-market plans of the niche solutions Green Home Solutions develops and aligns with.
Having his educational background in Health and Life Sciences, Cyrille has been a strong advocate of the benefits of the cannabis plant as a holistic alternative and has a clear vision as to how cannabis will ultimately be implemented in a legal, transparent, effective manner into contemporary society. The founding of Green Home Solutions has been the result of his passion to execute his vision with the development of solutions focused on safe Home Grow, licensed Testing & Analysis and Consumer Product development.
Specialized Honours, BSc, Kinesiology & Health Sciences
Favourite Strain:
Pink Island Kush



Tyler has been growing Cannabis for over 10 years and has experience growing for Licensed Producers.  His passion for Growing comes from the motto “Growing is empowering”. You are in control of a living organism that relies on you to give it what it needs. Which helps you to build a bond with a plant that you will end up putting in to your body. Whether you use Cannabis recreational or medically it’s much more enjoyable to know exactly how the product was grown and what went in toit.
Cannabis Educator and Exploration Center Manager
K.A.R.E. certified by Dr. Price
B.A. from Lindenwood University
Favorite Strain:
Sour Diesel & Amnesia Haze



Cole brings 10 years of grow experience to GHS.  His passion for growing cannabis began in his small hometown where he was able to hone his craft.  Ultimately leading to developing grow environments for major licensed producers and holding the position of Propagation Lead and Cultivation Technician.
Environmental Technician Diploma from Georgian College
Favorite Strains:
Jenni & Daybreak



Mona brings 10 years of Sales, Marketing & Admin experience to GHS.  In addition, her background in Architectural Studies and passion for Holistic Health gives her a unique perspective and deep understanding of custom-designed building projects as well as strategies for improving health and wellness.  She believes that predominantly plant-based eating and increasing the number of plants growing in the home can significantly improve our quality of life from improving air quality to increase the nutrient-density of our meals.
Applied Holistic Nutrition Diploma from IHN
Project Management Postgrad Certificate from Sheridan College
B.A.Arch from the University of Toronto
Favorite Strain:

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